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People who love Geeky things like comic books, graphic novels, sci fi, lightsabers, and awesome stories. We are a part of one Grand story... God's story.


God Loves Geeks is a network of people of diverse faith backgrounds who love the geeky genres of comic books, graphic novels, gaming, Dungeons and Dragons, sci-fi, and fantasy. We allow pop culture and fandom to help us dive deeper into questions the revolve around the human condition, society and faith. It doesn't have to be "either, or"... Am I a geek or a person who has faith? It can be a "both, and". God Loves Geeks gives you permission to be both a geek and a person of faith!

What does God Loves Geeks do??

We gather to not only share what we are geeking out on, but also to discuss the stories we consume through comics, movies, TV and gaming. We also gather for game nights and go to the movies together.

How do we merge theology and geeky things like comic?

Comics, graphic novels, movies and gaming are fun and help our imaginations thrive, but have these stories ever moved you into going deeper with questions about philosophy, theology and a bigger story that shapes our lives? Regardless of faith or no-faith background we believe the stories we geek out on help us ask and wrestle with big questions such as; "what is justice?" "what makes a hero or a villain?" "if there is right and wrong and purpose in our world, what is the force or entity behind it all?" These are some of the big questions philosophers and theologians have been asking since when humans could even form free thought. .

Why start a God Loves Geeks group near you? (or a group like it)

Everyone geeks out on something. We feel it's important to allow the stories we consume to help us go deeper in reflecting on our own personal stories. A God Loves Geeks group can help you process what you geek out on and it can be a great way to form relationships and build community.

A God Loves Geeks group can help you process what you geek out on. It can help you form better relationships and a sense of community. Feel Free to contact us if you would like any help on how to get a God Loves Geeks group started.